The Cross at Kerrville

Signs in The Heavens

“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

Visible Glory

Mr. & Mrs. Barefoot

Mr. and Mrs. Barefoot from Boerne, TX got touched with the Visible Glory.

Bruce Cook

Bruce Cook (USA) Laurie Roberts (Mexico) Charlie Fisher (Canada) Charles Robinson (USA) all get touched by Visible Glory on 11/27/11.

Hands with Glory Dust [2]

The visible Glory Dust looks like fine glitter, or glitter make-up, and can appear on the skin, clothing and objects as Jesus Christ is worshipped. 

Hands with Glory Dust

Close up of hands with “Glory Dust”. Look for small golden sparkles.

Wednesday Prayer Meeting

What is this? Amazement at forming Visible Glory during a Wednesday prayer gathering.

Ms. Kimberly Blevins

Ms. Kimberly Blevins visits “TEC” on 3/16/11 on official business and gets touched with the Visible Glory. With her is Jim McKnight.

Chris Daniel

Chris Daniel on Jan. 20 2011 with two young men. All got touched with the Visible Glory.

Wednesday Prayer Meeting

Visible Glory appears most every Wednesday night during intercessory prayer at “TEC”.

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